“As a lover of humanity, art and most importantly love; I developed Crystals Healing Arts for those who seek personal healing in a unique and magical way!”
Crystal Wildstar

My Services

Healing Through the Art of Communication


This talented and authenticated former reader for the world renowned Psychic Source takes traditional counseling to a whole new level! Crystal shares her intuitive point of view with fresh insight during every reading that will without a doubt leave you in awe. Whether it is a session for just yourself, marriage, business partnerships, etc., she can help you! As a medium she is also able to connect with loved ones that have passed over and will relay whatever messages that they may have for you. For the time duration of your choice you will receive an intuitive reading that includes a psychic assessment of any potential emotional or spiritual blocks to provide a more in depth reading. The mission for Crystal’s Healing Arts is always to leave each person that receives a service with a new-found sense of confidence and understanding not only within you, but in life.

In Person Readings

In Person Readings are done at her home which has a cozy zen like environment and is nestled in the heart of Fresno!


Phone & Zoom Readings

Phone Readings & Zoom Readings are available for those who are unable to meet in person!


Private Event Readings

Private Event Readings are available for your birthday party, Halloween party, NYE party, wedding or anniversary celebration, etc.!

Book a free Consult to check availability. Click link below to schedule a time and Day for your private event, you then will be redirected to the service page where you will select “Private Event Readings Consultation” to speak and book with me.)

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Full payment for each session is required first!

Credit Card payments only for over the Phone, Zoom Reading Sessions, and Private Event Deposits.

Cash and Credit Card payments are accepted for most in-person Services or Events. Please inquire prior to the Appointment/Event to confirm.

Crystal Reflexology Treatments are done in person at my location or your home (Travel Expenses Not Included)
For additional inquiries email appointments@crystalshealingarts.com 
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My Services

Healing the Transpersonal Body


Crystal Reflexology is a combination of acupressure and massage using crystals. Firm but gentle pressure is applied on pressure points of the feet and hands. Accessing these pressure points opens up blockages that are in the body and auric field. Reflexology removes these blockages to help facilitate healing within the body.
Crystal does this is in conjunction with the healing energy of crystals. She uses an assortment of crystal massage wands to assist in the reflexology treatment along with other various crystals that are placed on the body to align with the chakras. This crystal treatment helps remove spiritual blockages and helps repair and restore spiritual balance within the body. Crystal says that this is important because when we are spiritually unbalanced, which can be a result of trauma, we tend to exhibit destructive behavioral patterns such as nervousness, anxiousness, and depression that can cause heart problems, ulcers and possibly even organ failure. Healing of the self is the first step in managing a life that is full of enrichment, happiness, and abundance.
Please note that because of the physical nature of this service it is only being provided in person.

My Services

Healing through the Art of Connection

To fully encompass the art of connection, Crystals Healing Arts offers a wide variety of in-person events!

From Sol singles meetings, Cosmic Couples Connections, Wombman Renewed womb cleansing events, Wine tasting and readings to retreats, there’s something to get your Soul Juices flowing with other like-minded friends!

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                                         Love Wine? Introducing

                            The Wine Remedy

                                                “Where wine and therapy mix!”

The Wine remedy brings the wine tasting experience to your private event! Each guest will have the opportunity to sample some delectable wines paired with a special intuitive message from Crystal Wildstar.

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Looking to get away? have a desire to connect with other Goddesses?

Introducing NustarGoddess Retreats! 

NustarGoddess 2- day Wisk Away retreats are a great way to connect, heal and get away!

Coming soon Cosmic Couples 3-day Retreats!

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My Services

Evolving through the Art of Learning



Crystals Healing Arts offers interactive Virtual Workshops to aid you on your spiritual journey!



Inner Child Workshop

Feeling bummed out about life? Finding it difficult to enjoy the little things? you may have a wounded inner child that needs to connect with you! This interactive Workshop will assist you in identifying common wounds associated with the inner child as well as gain a new higher perspective on life and foster a new connection with your inner child!


The Oracle Psychic Development Workshop

The Oracle Psychic Development Workshops offers workshops for both beginner and Intermediate levels!
Do you feel you have an extrasensory ability? Or are you just curious if you even possess an ability? If yes, the Beginners Oracle Workshop is for you.

Already discovered your abilities and ready to take it to the next level? Try the Intermediate Oracle Workshop!


Coming Soon:

Shadow Work Workshop
Advanced Oracle Workshop
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< 2021 >
  • Awaken the Goddess
    15:30 -12:00
    June 11, 2021-June 13, 2021

    Hey Goddesses! what if I told you that you can manifest whatever your desires and have fun doing it?!
    Come join me and other Goddesses awaken and celebrate their Divine Feminine for a 3-day retreat filled with activities, relaxation, sisterhood connection, sacred circles and healing at #nustargoddessretreats

    “Awaken the Goddess”

    $600 includes Lodging, activities, and food.

    4 payments of $150 will get you in!

    $150 non-refundable deposit by April 10th will be needed to secure your spot.

    *ladies only*

    I accept Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp

    If interested please inbox me for more information and we’ll set up a time for questions and to see if this is right for you.
    I look forward to meeting new Goddesses!

  • The Virtual Oracle Workshop (Beginners)
    17:30 -20:30
    June 24, 2021

    Do you feel you’re:
    Want to share your gifts to the world?
    Looking to hone your unique abilities?
    Sensitive to your surroundings?
    Have Awakening symptoms? Prophetic Visions? Curious but afraid of the supernatural? Or have the desire to discover some hidden abilities?
    If you answered Yes to any of those questions, this is the workshop for you!
    Come join me and others as we identify and hone our innate abilities with some new or familiar concepts with exercises and interactive activities via Zoom!
    All levels and backgrounds welcome!
    The Oracle Workshop is a safe no- judgement place where light workers, psychics, mediums, or folks who enjoy the supernatural and would like to discover their talents!
  • The Virtual Oracle Workshop (Intermediate)
    17:30 -20:30
    June 25, 2021

    Calling all my fellow gifted readers astrologists, shamans, mediums, channelers, alchemists and the like to join me in the Intermediate Oracle Workshop!
    Join me and others as we go further into the fascinating world of parapsychology to enhance our developed abilities and intuition with exercises and interactive activities via Zoom!
    This workshop is intended for those who have taken the first Virtual Oracle Workshop and/or are more experienced, looking to expand their consciousness, hone abilities and learn new concepts.
    The Intermediate Oracle Workshop is a safe no- judgement zone where we embrace all gifts, abilities and walks of life via the zoom platform.
    Zoom link will be given a day prior to those that RSVP.

    $38 Particiant fee

    Click Here to Register Now!

  • 2-Day Wisk Away NustarGoddess Retreat!
    All day
    June 26, 2021-June 27, 2021

    Hey Goddesses! Come join me and others Goddesses get whisked away on an adventure wine tasting, sisterhood connections while discovering and awakening our inner femininity, inner sensuality and our inner Goddess!

    Lodging and light meals are included.. We will be visiting one of Central Valleys’ Wineries rest and relax in a cozy cabin like fortress where we can release, heal and awaken our inner Goddess!

    More Retreat info and Registration!


  • Inner Child Workshop
    12:00 -13:00
    June 26, 2021

    Hey kiddos…oh oops I mean adults! Well why not feel like a kiddo again?! What happened to us..’being grown up” can be stifling to our spiritual growth in many ways.

    Do you have an wounded inner child that’s been jumping to get your attention? not sure what an inner child is? Feeling a bit disconnected from the things you used to enjoy? If you answered Yes, then this is the workshop for you!

    In this Workshop we will identify what is an wounded inner child.Identify if you have one and start our inner child healing journey together!

    Come on! It’s time to play again!

    Click here to Register Now!

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About Me

Meet Crystal Wildstar!

Also known as Ladie Wildstar and @nustargoddess, Crystal Wildstar is a naturally warmhearted person who discovered her gift of insight on her life path to help and heal humanity. With a background in healthcare and education she developed her love of healing and educating others not only by way of conventional methods but also through spiritual and holistic means. She believes that it was this shift of consciousness in her life that called her to the wonderful world of crystals, metaphysics and integrative health.
Furthering her studies of  crystal energies, holistic therapy, metaphysics, reflexology, psychology and even child development, she obtained certifications in Crystal Healing and Reflexology and holds a board certification with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She’s currently pursuing her Masters of Metaphysics at the University of Metaphysical Science.
 To hone her reading skills she also became a psychic reader for the largely known Psychic Source network where she quickly grew in popularity and demand. Endowed with these abilities as a child she has been offering readings professionally for the past 7 years.
 As an educator she demonstrated her love of teaching by offering a variety of interactive workshops and events that aids in ones spiritual and emotional healing  journey in a unique and fun way.
She’s also been a featured guest several times over for the Modern Day Mystics show on Blog Talk Radio. As a gifted empathetic medium, clairvoyant and spiritual channel, she provides intuitive and insightful readings and counseling sessions to those seeking guidance for all areas of life such as with relationships, careers, physical ailments, supernatural occurrences, and much MUCH more! With a passion for families and strengthening their connections with each other, she offers her services to couples, as well as provides reflexology services for expecting mothers and infants.

Questions? Need to Contact me? Fill out form below or ask Nustar my virtual assistant using the Live Chat Feature!

Email: appointments@crystalshealingarts.com

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*Crystal Wildstar is not a licensed therapist. Crystal’s Healing Arts Intuitive Readings are strictly for entertainment purposes and should not be considered as professional nor for medical treatment or advice. 
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